Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Getecoprint OÜ has undertaken an obligation to protect the privacy of clients and users. Therefore, we have prepared these privacy policy principles on the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of client data. Our activities in the Internet are in concert with all relevant activities and corresponding laws of the European Union and acts of the Republic of Estonia. Please take some time and read our privacy principles.

Collection and use of personal data
Personal data mean information that Getecoprint OÜ collects upon performing a contract entered into with an individual or in order to contact him/her.

Collection of personal data of loyal customer may be conducted as follows:

  • submission of contact information (including your name, personal identification code, postal address, phone number, e-mail address, preferred means of contact) on our website or elsewhere (for example, stores);
  • from client account information or via cookies upon using the website;
  • making a purchase or an order in our store or e-store upon storing contact information or information on purchase preferences of the person (Getecoprint OÜ may ask you to voluntarily submit personal data and personal information in some areas of the website. Required personal data may include name, address, postal code, e-mail address, phone number and other information);
  • upon making an application for hire-purchase.

Collection of other data
We also collect non-personalised data – information that cannot be associated with one certain person (sex, age, language preference, location).

We may also collect data on generalised client activities in our stores and on the website. These data are aggregated and used so that we can send more useful information to the clients and so we can learn which parts of the website, products and services are of most interest. Aggregate data are considered as non-personalised data in this privacy policy.

Usage of collected personal data
With collected personal data we can notify the clients of product news, campaigns and future events of Getecoprint OÜ. A client who does not want to be in our newsletter list or receive notifications concerning products that may interest him/her can remove himself/herself from the target group of the recipients any time. We also use collected personal data to deliver the goods and to perform the obligations undertaken with regard to the client.

For better client service, Getecoprint OÜ may disclose information on single users to a third party who provides services for Getecoprint OÜ and is obligated under contract to keep the shared information confidential. The third party is, for example, our partner who engages in transport of the goods sold in the e-store or offers hire-purchase service.

Personal data protection
Getecoprint OÜ takes all precautionary measures (including administrative, technical and physical measures) to protect the personal data of clients. Only authorised persons have access to the data for amending and processing these.

All personal data of the client which have been become known in the course of visiting the e-store of Getecoprint OÜ and of making purchases are considered as confidential information. An encrypted data communication channel with banks ensures the security of personal data and bank information of the purchaser.

Terms and conditions and amendments of privacy policy
By using our website or upon applying for a loyal customer application, you have read these principles and terms and conditions and agreed to these. We reserve the right to amend the general terms and conditions of the privacy policy, if necessary, by notifying all loyal customers of it.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy or data processing, please contact us by writing to

Getecoprint OÜ is the chief processor of personal data, the company of Getecoprint OÜ forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.